A glimpse into . . . AMSTERDAM
Linda Loenen, author and designer of this book. Living in Amsterdam was for me the best decision I made. Raising children in this beautiful city maybe even better. With this website I want to give you a glimpse into this city, 12 beautiful interiors, 12 different neighborhoods I want to show you... I hope you'll enjoy!
Renee Frinking, fotographer of this book. Interiors of Amsterdam in a different way.
Lieselotte Oudega, born and raised in this inspiring city. Nice to write about my city...
Elsa Dray-Farges, for this book I made all the drawings and so I discovered Amsterdam in a different way.
Eva Carmiggelt, living in the citycenter, Looking for the best places in 12 neighborhoods to eat, to drink, to shop, to go out or to sleep.